We exist to serve fabulous entrepreneurs by providing guidance, training and coaching on how to get the best from people and deal with employee issues.

We’re on a mission to empower business leaders and their people to thrive and for the world to be a better place.



What we do

We do three things and we do them brilliantly.


1. HOW TO INTERVIEW – An online interview skills course with a downloadable questions template, teaching you interview and hire your superstars.

2. CLIENT SERVICES – Bespoke HR guidance and coaching on a range of leadership and management topics.

3. LEAD AND SUCCEED – A management program for empathetic and empowered women entrepreneurs.  COMING SOON.

Our training courses are designed to suit all learning styles for a memorable learning experience.


Our mission


“Creating working environments for people and business to thrive”.

This starts with knowing how to hire the right people.

It’s the reason why we teach interview skills.  It’s also why we’ll be launching Lead and Succeed.

We know it makes the world a better place, because:-  

 * When people thrive at work, they produce incredible results for your business. 

 * When people thrive at work, they enthusiastically advocate for you and your business.

* When people thrive at work, it positively permeates into non-work life.

My dream for you is a thriving workplace.

Our course will teach you how to interview and select top candidates and oboard new recruits.

Our guidance and coaching will enable you to get the best from your people and the most favourable outcomes for your business.

Our program will equip you with the knowledge, skills, tools, systems and confidence to be a great leader.

We want to empower you to prevent employee problems and handle all related matters with confidence and ease.


What we stand for


We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement.


We stand with the #MeToo movement.


We stand for love, not hate.


Fun. We love to have fun and find the joy in life.


We stand for quality service and we love to delight our clients.


We stand for kindness, respect, fairness, equality and accountability.


We believe all businesses need a fair and robust interview and selection process.


We believe in leadership that empowers and inspires people, whilst maintaining healthy boundaries.


We stand for safe workplaces for all humans, especially women and marginalised groups.


We believe a diverse and inclusive workforce is a key ingredient to business success.


We believe all humans have value.


We stand for appropriate consequences for poor and unacceptable conduct.


We stand for non-judgement. Big love and small (or better still no) ego.


We believe in the need to become aware of and unlearn unconscious bias. Especially as leaders and recruiters.


We stand with the thought observers and those working to break old embedded behavioural patterns. Massive respect to you.


We stand for collaboration, not competition. There’s enough for everyone.


We believe your business and the world will be a better place with Boss Level Leadership.



What we stand against


Structual and systemic oppression.


Fear based work cultures.


Interview incompetence and stupid irrelevant interview questions. 


The Trumpian world of lies, blackmail, threats, disrespect, aggression and hate. We don’t want to live in that world.


We’ve worked in a ton of workplaces dominated by egos and we’ve had enough of all that BS.


Incompetent leaders that lie, bullshit and take credit for other people’s hard work.


We stand against leaders who are unwilling to face reality in their businesses by ignoring or minimising their own behaviour and the problems they create. See above.


All unsafe working environments. From PPE to protection from sexual predators.


‘Fixing’ issues by paying off perpetrators and protecting those with unacceptable conduct.


Poor working conditions and profit at the expense of people’s well being.


We stand against cruelty in all its forms.


Discrimination of marginalised humans.



Avoiding, dodging and ignoring underlying workplace problems.



Unkindness and those who put others down. It says more about them than their target.



Judgmental comments, especially about a person’s appearance. We’re adults. Surely we’re past all of that?



The term “Human Resources”. Sounds like Humans are a resource to be used and cast aside when done with. It’s a sh*t expression.



Competition. Winners and Losers. It’s so outdated.





About Sharon Johnson


Hi. Hello! I’m Sharon.  I’m so glad you’re here.


I’m a Leadership and Management Expert, HR Consultant, Course Creator and  Spreader of Love.


I’ve worked in HR since 2003 and I qualified in 2008.  


I’ve lived and worked in Ireland, the UK and Spain – all wonderful experiences. 🙂  My current home is the beautiful town of Carrick-On-Shannon, Ireland.


I’ve got over 25 years’ experience of working in 100+ different work places.


My personal values are love, respect and having fun, and I aim to inject these values into everything I do.


Over the years I’ve coached and supported tons of leaders and managers and gained top notch feedback.


I chose the name Boss Level Leadership because I’m all about leveling up our skills in leadership and management (being a boss).


When I’m not working I love hanging out with family and friends (it’s all zoom calls atm – not the same).


Learning is a passion. I love audio books and podcasts (I’m an auditory learner) and I enjoy learning about the brain and human behaviour.


I’m into video games (hence the Boss Level reference) and I don’t own a TV.


I love most music, especially house music and its many forms.  I can usually be found on the dance floor.   I’m also an amateur DJ (hence the logo) and a soprano in a choir.


I study Spanish daily and I attend yoga classes when we’re not in lockdown.


I also run, cycle, hike and do HIIT.  My workout preferences change depending on seasons and my mood. It’s all about the bike at the moment.


I’m learning to watch and detach from my thoughts through meditation and awareness – this has been a game changer for me and has given me the confidence to start this business. It’s still a work in progress though.


I‘m also into cooking and eating amazing food. I love recreating dishes from around the world. The spicier the better!


So that’s me. Now what about you? 


Do my values resonate with you? Are you going to join my awesome mailing list? I hope so!


Go ahead and fill in the form below.


With Big Boss Level Love, from Sharon xxx :* <3