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HR Advice

Do you need HR advice?

Whether it’s one-off advice or an ongoing issue, let’s see if I can help you.

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Empower your Mindset

Optimise your internal dialogue.

How to observe and improve your internal dialogue. Empower yourself internally to transform into the awesome leader you were meant to be.

Do you believe everything you think?

Experts estimate that humans think 50,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day. That’s a lot of mental clutter when we’re trying to run a business!

Becoming aware and understanding our thoughts is the first step.

Consciously deciding what to think is a game changer, especially in business.

Imagine if you could choose and direct your thoughts to enable you to 1) feel better 2) take action and 3) get the outcomes you want.

Let me guide you. Book a call today.

Handle your Comms

Implement a communication strategy and learn how to manage absences.

How to hold effective meetings, set boundaries and maximise communication mechanisms in a way that’s manageable to you.

Learn how to implement an absence management procedure.

Coach and Feedback

Create a feedback culture for a thriving business.

Learn how to give and receive feedback.

I’ll work with you to coach your people and I’ll share beneficial coaching techniques.

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Free Up Your Time

To grow as a leader one must delegate, let go and trust

“They won’t do it like I can” ……  “I need to clone myself” …..  “I’ve had a bad experience with delegation in the past”…… “It’s just faster if I do it.

Sound familiar?  If this is you, let’s talk and see if we’re a good fit.

If so, I will coach you through my process so you can delegate with confidence that you’ll get the results you desire.

Delegation is much quicker than doing it yourself when done correctly.

Don’t play yourself. Let me show you how…

Align Your Vision

How to communicate your vision and align your employees.

Formulate and translate your vision into business strategy and policy. Plan your roadmap for success. Align your employees to your business goals.

Most entrepreneurs have a business vision, but few know how to align employee actions to support that vision.

My system translates that vision into every day employee actions.

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Hire Your Superstars

How to hire outstanding people.

A robust hiring process that cuts through confirmation bias. It enables you and your team to attract, assess, select and on board your superstars to support your business growth.

I will assist and guide you with your recruitment campaigns as much or as little as you want.

We can go through the entire process together, or I can work with you one or more specific parts of the process.

I offer help with preparing job descriptions, attracting candidates, selecting assessments and preparing interview questions.

I can be present in your interviews and assess the candidates with you. I can also assist you with evaluating your candidates and selecting the best.

I’m available for help with on boarding, induction training and probationary objectives

Cultivate the Vibe

Set and maintain exceptional behavioural standard. 

Be the keeper of the vibe. Learn how to cultivate a culture of desirable behaviours.

I can coach you to hold difficult conversations and handle undesirable behaviours from poor timekeeping to serious grievances and disciplinary issues.

DO NOT IGNORE anything conduct, disciplinary of greivance related.

Doing so will come back and bite you for sure. Addess these issues as soon as you know about them…

I will assist you with small, barely there niggles right through to gross misconduct, and everything in between.

I will help you manage greivance and disciplinary cases to get the best possible outcomes for your business.

I also offer investigatory services and can act as an impartial investigator for your disciplinary or greivance cases.



Uplift Performance

Create a high performance culture. 

Learn how to manage top, average and under performance for optimal results.

When it comes to underperformance, we can work together to get to the heart of the matter and rectify the problem.

From slight performance annoyances to serious cases of incapability, I can help.

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Reward & Recognise

Meaningfully motivate your people.

I created the meaningful motivation model so that you can learn what REALLY motivates your people and leverage this to achieve fabulous business outcomes.

Learn how to meaningfully reward and recognise your employees in a cost effective way that brings results for your business.

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